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Construction engineer

Автор: murmansk-job.ru от 1-01-2010, 09:32

English company EC Harris is currently looking for a civil engineer to work on the short term contract basis.

Project - MFSC "LETO", Pulkovskoe highway. Total area of construction 110 000 sq.m.

Services- Tenant coordination

Duties include those of:

  • Act as a single point of contact with the tenant, by providing a specific team to manage their interface so the base management team is not distracted with 191 minor client issues.
  • Manage the approval of the tenant design by the base building design team to confirm that the tenant designs do not conflict with the base building design parameters, pushing the base design team to review within time periods to confirm that the proposals are within the defined limits contained for the base building.
  • Confirm the tenant’s management of any permitting requirements with local authorities, check that the permits are in place, hold copies for record and push the tenants to achieve the documents on time.
  • Confirm on site that the base building complies with the details to be provided for the tenant checking that the areas and facilities agreed to be available to the tenants are in place
  • Manage the hand over of the tenant space to the tenant to confirm that all parties agree the date of the hand over, the status of the space and sign protocols confirming acceptance.
  • Check that the site works comply with the approved design details, confirming that the Technical Requirements (TR) work is being carried out, SNIPs are being complied with and being signed off.
  • Confirm that the base services etc are compliant with the lease agreement provisions and the specific confirmed tenant services installation as the proposed and agreed design.
  • Drive the tenants to achieve delivery milestones, confirming progress in order to achieve the agreed opening date.
  • Liaise with the main Project Manager should additional services and support be required by the tenant. Holding regular meetings and providing solutions to resolve issues


  • Higher education in engineering
  • Professional experience minimum 3 years
  • Knowledge of construction process
  • Ability to read drawings
  • Quality surveying
  • Microsoft Office advanced user
  • High working efficiency
  • Interpersonal skills


  • 6 month contract
  • Medical insurance
  • Possible short-term business trips to Moscow
  • Corporative mobile

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