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Финасовый директор

Автор: murmansk-job.ru от 1-01-2010, 09:34

Financial director for a big international industrial company

  • Bears responsibility for all financial issues including financial plan development, cash resources disposal, develops financial and loan policy, ensures the company’s need in short-term or long-term financing, bears responsibility for relations with banks;
  • Performs funds management from the position of improvement of the company’s economic activity, aimed at achieving maximum results with minimum expenditures of material, labor, and finance resources, forms the financial policy of the Company;
  • Organizes financial activities of the company, aimed at providing budget indicators with financial resources, safety and effectiveness of floating assets, labor and financial resources of the Company, timely payments to the State budget, counteragents and banks in accordance with obligations;
  • Ensures fulfillment of the loan and cash plans by the Company, following Mondi Group standards;
  • Develops and implements local   standard acts on issues of financial activities of the Company and controls their execution;
  • Ensures compliance of the Company with currency and customs legislation;
  • Ensures effective use of internal financial resources and additional financing sources, together with a chief accountant, controls and performs managing of the Company’s accounts opened in banks or other financial intermediaries and permissible expenditures; develops measures on insured risks decrease;
  • Develops pricing policy and tariffs on services and works performed by the Company;
  • Enacts and signs orders and instructions on issues of his competence and controls their implementation; confirms job descriptions for engineering staff of subordinate structural subdivisions; approves of regulations on subordinate structural subdivisions; signs bank and other financial documents, necessary for ensuring the Company’s activities including invoices;
  • Together with a Chief Accountant, bears responsibility for safety of cash resources, securities and other like resources of the Company, for maintenance its solvency, receiving, care and reimbursement of cash resources and  securities of the Company;
  • Controls activities of officials and subdivisions directly subordinate to the Finance Director and ensures interaction and coordination of administrations and subdivisions’ activities;
  • Bears responsibility for development and implementation of projects on managing processes optimization and expenses reduction;
  • Within his competence, in the Company’s interests and on the ground of the warrant given by the Director, signs contracts and all necessary documents connected with their execution and implementation (acceptance reports on performed works, rendered services, etc.):
  • Credit agreements, agreements of guarantee, loan, pledge;
  • Contracts of bargain and sale and other alienation of immovable property, and also contracts on lease and other temporary use of the company’s property;
  • Contracts on counseling and audit services,  company’s property assessment services;
  • Insurance contracts;
  • Contracts on financial aiding;


  • Degree in  finance/accounting & audit
  • Knowledge of RUS GAAP/IFRS
  • Experience in working  for international companies
  • Work experience related to finance/ accounting & audit areas
  • Advanced level of English (written and oral skills)
  • Good leadership  skills

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